Bonzai results in order

The asterisk is for those that attempted the 6 hour rally. PPM stands for Points Per Mile. The overall winner is declared, then removed from their class. so, in the touring class first place went to Critter, and Second place went to Dave Tyler. Funky first place went to Theodora Rossi in her first EVER competitive road rally on a borrowed Guzzi. Second place went to Mark foster on his Trans Alp Honda. Standard first place went to John Mitchell (Posts here by the way) on his first ever competitive rally. and second went to Gayle Small on his BMW R1200C. In the Two Up class Mike and Sue Austad won the class, and since they were the only pair to make it back on time, there was no second place.

Victor Wanchena 449 miles 7211 points 16.1 ppm*

Critter 703 miles 2560 points 3.64 ppm
Dave Tyler 664 miles 2467 points 3.71 ppm
Dave Becker 698 miles 2382 points 3.41 ppm
Brett Donahue 621 miles 2262 points 3.64 ppm
Tim Conway 596 miles 2064 points 3.46 PPM
Frank White 536 miles 1946 points 3.63 ppm
David Bordeaux 552 miles 1931 points 3.49 ppm
Tim Fredrich 420 miles 712 points 1.69 ppm*
Kevin Tetu DNF

Theodora Rossi 468 miles 2048 points 4.37 ppm
Mark Foster 554 miles 1644 points 2.97 ppm
Eddie James 405 miles 1385 points 3.42 ppm*
Donna Lamme 533 miles 1260 points 2.36 ppm
Daryl Doughty DNF

John Mitchell 483 miles 1828 points 3.79 ppm
Gayle Small 395 miles 1743 points 4.41 ppm
Melody Albers DNF
Neil Smith * DNF
Donald Quistdorf * DNF
Dave Denzer DNF
Diane Brabec DNF

Mike/Sue Austad 463 miles 2040 points 4.41 ppm
Nels/Mary Gebben DNF
Dave/Melissa Steen DNF