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Glacial Lakes Motorcycle Club

Glacial Lakes Motorcycle Club (GLMC) Rally Rules

  1. Do not cheat.
  2. Any items turned in as part of claiming any bonus becomes property of the GLMC.
  3. Participants may not ride with anyone not entered in the event.
  4. Bonus points may not be collected by anyone not entered in the event.
  5. To collect the bonus you must do EXACTLY what it says to do in the bonus list. (e.g. if it says to go to a casino and get a one dollar token, you may NOT find someone who has a personal token collection and get the tokens from them instead).
  6. To claim a bonus you must fill in the spot on the bonus sheet designated for that purpose.
  7. Do not fill in anything on the bonus list unless you are attempting to claim that bonus. If you fill it in, you are attempting to claim it.
  8. When the bonus instructions ask for a receipt, the rider must collect that receipt themselves. Riders may NOT use receipts for purchases that they did not make. In other words, dumpster diving for receipts is not allowed nor is it legal to have someone else collect the receipt.
  9. Riding with other competitors is allowed.
  10. If you do not finish the event on the same bike that you start the event on, a penalty will be assessed. For a 12 hour rally the penalty will be 10,000 points. For a 24 hour rally the penalty will be 20000 points.
  11. Do NOT SPEED. This is a rally, not a race. Excessive speed is unsafe, unneeded, and will get you kicked out of the rally, and all future rallies.
  12. We have tried to make the rally sheets easy to understand, however, errors do occur. It is the responsibility of the participants to figure out what we meant.
  13. Not all of the businesses listed on the rally sheets have regular business hours. If you get there and find that the business is not open that is a darned shame. But if the business is SUPPOSED to be open, but is not for some unknown reason, then make a sincere effort to prove you were there. Arriving during business hours is the rider's responsibility.
  14. Fuel capacity is limited at 11.5 gallons maximum for motorcycles and 16 gallons for sidecar rigs.
  15. Exhaust systems must not exceed 100db.
  16. Participants must hold a valid motorcycle operator's license.
  17. Fuel cells must be D.O.T. approved. Marine fuel cells are not allowed. Fuel cells must be solid mounted, no tarp straps or bungee cords.
  18. You are responsible for your own behavior as well as the behavior of your guests.
  19. Be courteous to all volunteers and all employees at the businesses you stop at. Failure to do so will result in dismissal from the event, forfeiture of your entry fee, and being barred from future GLMC events.
  20. Class assignment is up to the GLMC. As a general rule they are as follows:
    1. Novice Class--First time rally participants or those that have never finished a rally. If a rider DNFs their first year, they may run in the Novice class their second year at the Rally Masters discretion.
    2. Experienced Rider Class--Riders who have participated in a Road Rally before, or are known LD riders.
    3. Expert--Anyone who has won their class in the past or has entered an Iron Butt or Butt Lite.
    4. Two-Up Class--Any bike with both a rider and a passenger on it. Animals of any sort do not count as a passenger (i.e. monkeys, dogs, cats, etc).
  21. If you are unable to get proper documentation for a bonus, some substitution will be accepted, HOWEVER if other riders are able to get proper documentation, your substitution will be rejected.
  22. If you are going to be more than a half hour late you must call in. Failure to do so will result in being kicked out of the rally.
  23. Fuel receipts must accompany each entry in your fuel log.
  24. Receipts and photos must have the time, date, location, odometer reading and riders name on them. Fuel receipts must also have the amount of fuel listed.
  25. Each bike must have a functioning odometer. If the odometer stops working at any time, no bonus points can be collected until the odometer is repaired. Repairs must include documentation.
  26. Any behavior determined to be detrimental to the GLMC, its members, or sponsors, will get you kicked out of the rally and barred from future GLMC events. This includes but is not limited to burnouts, 'rev-tuning', stoppies, wheelies, excessive speed or exhibition riding of any sort.
  27. Be careful, you are playing in traffic.
  28. All motorcycles participating must be in good working order.
  29. There is no rule #29
  30. Riders must offer assistance to any other participant broken down alongside the road.
  31. If the Rally Master has not set a tie-breaker protocol ties will be broken based on odometer readings.
  32. Each bonus claimed must include odometer reading and time.
  33. No sharing of receipts.
  34. Some rallies require photo's to be taken. Digital photography, when allowed, must be submitted on an SD card in JPG format.
  35. Participants must follow all local laws as well as federal laws, and some international laws.
  36. Vandalizing bonus locations or rally materials will not be tolerated and will result in being kicked out of the rally and banishment from future GLMC events.
  37. Bonus sheets are property of the GLMC and must be returned at the end of the event.
  38. Riders who drop out of the event are not entitled to a refund.
  39. Two-up riders must BOTH be present at all bonus locations collected. They may not split up to collect bonus.
  40. Proof of insurance is required.
  41. A first aid kit must be carried by each rider.
  42. GLMC does not control the weather. Riders are reminded that they need to avoid weather that might hinder their ability to ride safely.
  43. Rules apply even after the event is over. If we find out at a later date, months, or even years later that you broke a rule, you will be kicked out of that event, and the standings will be adjusted accordingly.
  44. Photo bonuses that are collected by Two-up riders must have one of the two riders in the photo the other rider must take the photo themselves.
  45. No changes may be made to your score sheet or bonus list at the scoring table. If you get up from the scoring table, your scoring is finished. No one else may bring items to the rider during the scoring process.
  46. Rally Masters may not participate in events that they are Rally Master of.

These rules are subject to change at any time by the GLMC...

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